Q: How can I modify net, X configurations in 4.8-Release?

John Mills johnmills at speakeasy.net
Thu Aug 7 10:03:37 PDT 2003

Freebies -

I just installed a 'standard' 4.8-Release setup from CD. It seems to have
gone fine, but I want to change two features:

1) I set up DHCP networking. Now I want to go back and explicitly set up
static IP, GW, NS.

2) I did not set up X11, and I would like to have another run at that. 
(This means I'm running console tools.)

Can I use /stand/sysinstall to re-do these parts of my installation (and
if so, how?), or are there other simple tools? Menu-driven or mouse-driven
would be nice. Naturally I can always attack the configuration files, but 
I don't know how to turn DHCP off.

 John Mills
 john.m.mills at alum.mit.edu

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