are all dsl modems the same?

Ronan Lucio ronanl at
Thu Aug 7 11:02:38 PDT 2003


At first you need to know the type of your connection (PPPoA or PPPoE).

If you want the FreeBSD box hold the public IP, you'll need
configure the ADSL modem as a bridge, otherwise, configure
as a router.

Some modems don't do bridge PPPoA. Ask to your supplier
if yours does.

We have worked with modems Alcatel and DLink perfectly.
The 3Com seems to be a good modem, too.

There are also other modems, too. But I'm talking just
about the modems there I know.


On Thu, 7 Aug 2003 12:38:57 -0400
David Banning <david at> wrote:

> I am looking at buying a dsl modem used but I am not aware of
> the differences from one to the next. I am using a G-net which seems
> to work fine, and I used a Nortel Networks one when I was with another
> DSL supplier. 
> Is the operation of most DSL modems the same, and if so, can a
> specific DSL modem used with one DSL service supplier be used with
> another DSL service supplier?
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