are all dsl modems the same?

Mykroft Holmes IV mykroft at
Thu Aug 7 10:38:56 PDT 2003

David Banning wrote:

> I am looking at buying a dsl modem used but I am not aware of
> the differences from one to the next. I am using a G-net which seems
> to work fine, and I used a Nortel Networks one when I was with another
> DSL supplier. 
> Is the operation of most DSL modems the same, and if so, can a
> specific DSL modem used with one DSL service supplier be used with
> another DSL service supplier?

No, they aren't. There are several different ways to deliver DSL service 
(Even with the same form of xDSL), and therefore you will need to ensure 
that your DSL modem is compatible for the local ILEC's gear (Which is 
what determines compatibility, not your ISP's gear, as your ILEC, not 
necessarily the ISP, provides the DSLAM which the DSL circuit temrinates on)


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