Fw: Re: nss_ldap in -CURRENT

Thomas Deniau thomas-ml at deniau.org
Thu Aug 7 02:37:06 PDT 2003

> 10. id <user> to test

OK, things work up to this step. "su" works too. Thank you !
(the symlink thing was missing)

Now I'm trying to implement password changes....

I've put

password        sufficient      /usr/local/lib/pam_ldap.so
password        required        pam_unix.so             no_warn
try_first_pass nullok

in /etc/pam.d/passwd

But when I try to change a pass for a LDAP user I get :
passwd: Sorry, `passwd' can only change passwords for local or NIS

The logs show me that the LDAP query returned the correct value.

Any clue ?

Thomas Deniau
"Unix is user friendly. It's just selective when choosing friends."

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