qmail +smtp authentication ?

Herbert Wolverson herbert at charizard.tsghelp.com
Wed Aug 6 14:58:45 PDT 2003

> I want to setup a personal email server for my domain
> on my frebsd 4.7S box.  I've heard great things about
> qmail.  This lead me to wonder about smtp authentication
> with qmail as I think that would eliminate the open relay
> problem.
> is smtp authentication possible with qmail ?

What I do is add in an SMTP AUTH patch to the qmail source before installing. 
(I'm not sure if there is a clean way to do this with the port; make the port,
patch in the changes, make again and then make install seems to work but is
long winded!). We use Qmail-LDAP here, so I'm not sure which patch works
best for a regular Qmail install - but there are several listed on 
http://www.qmail.org/top.html . A long time ago, I used Mrs Brisby's patch
( http://www.nimh.org/dl/qmail-smtpd.c ) and it worked okay. A friend of
mine pointed me at http://www.qmail.org/qmail-auth-20010105.tar.gz - he
said it worked for him.

Incidentally, if you haven't found it yet, Life With Qmail (available online
at http://www.lifewithqmail.com/lwq.html ) is a really excellent guide to
getting everything working, and keeping it that way.

-- Herbert.

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