freebsd and mailman groups

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Wed Aug 6 14:20:17 PDT 2003

Kirk R. Wythers wrote:
[ ... ]
> I was hoping for some advice as to easiest way to fix this. I'm always
> nervous when something says "try tweaking the mail server", but I don't
> want to re-run ./configure if it will mess up something that I have
> already set up...

The easiest way would to be install Mailman via the port.  In particular, 
/usr/ports/mail/mailman/Makefile suggests:

CONFIGURE_ARGS= --prefix=${MAILMANDIR} --with-python=${PYTHON_CMD} \
                 --with-username=${MM_USERNAME} \
                 --with-groupname=${MM_GROUPNAME} \
                 --with-mail-gid=${MAIL_GID} --with-cgi-gid=${CGI_GID}

.include <>

# The Mailman port supports a number of variables that may be tweaked at
# build time.  Getting the values of some of them right is crucial!
# Perform a "make options" to see more information on these variables.
MM_USERNAME?=   mailman
MM_USERID?=     91
MM_DIR?=        mailman
.if ${OSVERSION} >= 450000
MAIL_GID?=      mailnull
MAIL_GID?=      daemon
CGI_GID?=       www
IMGDIR=         www/icons


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