Bootstrap: Machine keeps booting ? (boot0/mbr) ?

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Wed Aug 6 08:42:45 PDT 2003

Mensaje citado por Stephan van Beerschoten <stephanb at>:

| I just finished installing this brand new -CURRENT box. I haven't been
| on -CURRENt for a while, and thought about having a peek at 5.x.
| After installing the machine, it boots up fine for a while, but then
| something strange happends.
| I have not yet been able to determine WHY it happends, much less do I
| know WHAT exactly happends. I hope you can help.
| The only thing I did was to update my 5.1 install to the latest
| -CURRENT. I assume the make world somehow also does something to update
| the bootloader, or is this where I went wrong ?
| Please read on:
| I installed the Bootloader for my dualboot machine, and when it comes up
| during boot:
| F1 ??
| F2 FreeBSD
| and I press F2, it autmatically reboots again. Please note it DID work
| yesterday, but somehow my laptops keeps booting on my now. (-CURRENT ?
| why?)
| I am dualbooting with WinXP, and I initially grabbed the first 512bytes
| from /dev/ad0s2c and dumped them on the XP disk, using the NTLoader to
| boot FreeBSD for me. This too worked untill _something_ happened and
| selecting FreeBSD caused the machine to spontaniously reboot too.
| Since this happends even before any real kernels are loaded, I cannot
| produce any debug output, so any hints on resolving this issue would be
| greatly appreciated.
| Please copy me in on any replies, as I am not yet on -current. I will
| once this problem is fixed :)

I have exactly the same problem.  I'm assuming that this was caused by
the changes committed by PHK.  See the [HEADSDOWN] swap_pager.c calming down
and the Weird reboots from bootmgr or loader threads.  He is looking at
it now and will probably be committing a fix.



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