Experience with Intel SCSI RAID?

Stein stein at wopr.ife.no
Wed Aug 6 05:35:44 PDT 2003


We are considering Intel new SCSI RAID series of controllers. Despite
that they are listing their controllers as "Supported with Limited
Campatability and Validation" with FreeBSD4.4 and higher.
We will be running FreeBSD4.8.

The SRCU42L is a potential candidate, in conjunction with some
of the newer Intel server motherboards that har 64bit/66MHz PCI
buses. Please note that we will not be running in SMP mode, as our
application runns slower on multi CPU systems. If Xeon CPU, we will
operate without HyperTreading enabled.

If anyone that have experience setting up these controllers, or might
have an opinion on these matters, can  give  us some info it would
be grately appreciated.

The motherboards that we consider are Intel SE7501CW2 or SE7505VB2
among others.

On beforehand thank you.

-Stein M. Sandbech

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