Did I do something wrong?

Gregory Felter nuckingfutsto at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 5 18:38:17 PDT 2003

   I received the information for my dedicated FreeBSD box today from the 
hosting company.  It's an unmanaged box which was supposed to be running 4.8 
but is running 5.1 because they said 4.8 would not install (Doubtful to me, 
sounds like an order mix up)
   I did as instructed and changed my login password to the account they set 
for me and the SU password.  Next I found that they did a minimal install so 
through sysinstall I went to post install configurations and loaded in all 
distribution sets including ports.  When this finished I installed my editor 
of choice, pico.  In order to use pico after just installing it you must 
exit out from root and log in as root again.  I typed exit and was back to 
my account prompt.  For some reason I typed uname -a to see what info would 
show up.  After looking at the output I typed su and received back "who are 
you?" I was surprised at the response so I typed su again, same response.  
Now, not knowing what to think, I said well I'll try logging in again.  I'm 
still trying to log on!  I'm locked out of the box.
  I know this is rather long but I just want to make sure I didn't do 
anything wrong.  I'm not new to FreeBSD but this really has me puzzled.  Did 
I screw up?  Did they make a faulty install?  Any thoughts?

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