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Sun Aug 3 03:02:10 PDT 2003

Frank Jahnke wrote:
> I'm writing you this message for assistance in getting my mouse wheel to
> work with X11.  Yes, another one of these requests.  I have been through
> the documentation (and numerous articles on the web) and yet I still
> cannot get it to work.
> I am running BSD 4.8 with XFree86 v4.3.0 (downloaded last week, so it
> should be a very current version of the latest stable release).  My
> window manager is currently Window Maker v0.80.1. The mouse is a
> Logitech MouseMan Wheel, which I understand is equivalent to the
> MouseMan+.
> With success I have installed support for the mouse using moused for the
> console drivers.  I added line allscreens_flags to my rc.conf file for
> mouse support on the various virtual consoles.  That works fine.  I can
> also use the same three buttons for text selection and pasting in X11.
> What I cannot get to work is text scrolling using the wheel.  From
> section 11.3 of the FAQ, first there is a description of /etc/XF86Config
> (which is now located in /etc/X11/XF86Config) that is for XFree86 v3
> only.  I currently have the 4.3 equivalent (see below) with SysMouse
> replaced by Auto.  Changing from one to the other did not make a
> difference, as far as I could tell.
> Moving on to section 11.4 of the FAQ, I have tried without success to
> use either moused or the X server for wheel support.  For the former, I
> added the moused_flags line and options to rc.conf, as suggested. 
> Moving now to Example 11-2, first the caption is incorrect.  It DOES
> describe use of XF86Config with moused Translations, does it not?  I
> needed to use an Identifier of "Mouse0" instead of "Mouse1", or else X11
> would crash (again, see below).
> Imwheel was downloaded and installed from the ports collection; the
> configuration file moved to ~/.imwheelrc (which was used without
> alteration).  No success.
> Next I tried to use the X Server to translate wheel events.  The
> suggested use of "MouseManPlusPS/2" was not recognized by XFree; since
> BSD recognized the mouse type on boot-up, I reverted to "Auto".  Using
> the device /dev/psm0 was not successful -- the device was busy, and X11
> would not load.  I replaced psm0 with sysmouse.  After imwheel was
> loaded, the wheel still did not scroll the screen.
> I admit that it is frustrating to find files in different directories,
> mislabeled headings in the documentation, and configurations that do not
> work as suggested.  It feels to me that XFree86 is new, and has not been
> fully incorporated into the various texts.
> I am at loss on how best to proceed, and your suggestions would be most
> appreciated.
> Frank Jahnke, Ph.D.
> President, FMJ & Associates
> Auburn, CA 95604
> frank at
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Section "InputDevice"
> # Identifier and driver
>     Identifier  "Mouse0"
>     Driver      "mouse"
>     Option      "Protocol" "auto"
>     Option      "Device" "/dev/sysmouse"
>     Option      "Buttons" "5"
> #    Option     "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
> #    Option     "Emulate3Buttons" "No"
> # Mouse-speed setting for PS/2 mouse.
>      Option "Resolution"        "100"
> # When using XQUEUE, comment out the above two lines, and uncomment
> # the following line.
> #    Option "Protocol"  "Xqueue"
> # Baudrate and SampleRate are only for some Logitech mice. In
> # almost every case these lines should be omitted.
> #    Option "BaudRate"  "9600"
> #    Option "SampleRate"        "150"
> # Emulate3Buttons is an option for 2-button Microsoft mice
> # Emulate3Timeout is the timeout in milliseconds (default is 50ms)
> #    Option "Emulate3Buttons"
> #    Option "Emulate3Timeout"    "50"
> # ChordMiddle is an option for some 3-button Logitech mice
> #    Option "ChordMiddle"
> EndSection
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Uncomment this line in your XF86Config

#    Option     "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

The imwheel port is more or less intergrated into the X11 since 4.2. I 
dont have it installed and the wheel works great in X11.

You must use the device /dev/sysmouse in X11 if you run moused on the 
console.  If you disable moused on the console you can use the device 
/dev/psm0. I suggest you get rid of moused to simplify the troubleshooting.

Do check (#dmesg | grep psm0) what your mouse is being seen as by the 
kernel. I get flakey issues with my KVM that made my mouse into a 
generic ps2. You might need to change a flag on atkbd and rebuild the 

-Ryan Merrick

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