Mount NetBSD partition

Daan Goedkoop dgoedkoop at
Sun Aug 3 01:10:15 PDT 2003

Op zondag 3 augustus 2003 01:50, schreef Benjamin Walkenhorst:
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> On Saturday, 2. August 2003 22:35, Daan Goedkoop wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > On my IDE disk, I have two disk labels, one of FreeBSD and one from
> > NetBSD. Now that I want to change to NetBSD, I would like to copy my data
> > from the NetBSD /home partition to FreeBSD.
> >
> > However, only a device /dev/ad1s3 exists, with which I can only mount the
> > / of NetBSD. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
> Hello,
> Shouldn't the NetBSD-partitions show up like ad1s3a, s3b, ... ?
> (...)
> Are they device nodes for each partition in your disklabel under FreeBSD?

That's the problem: these do not show up in FreeBSD. And disklabel says "No 
valid disklabel found". But I can still boot into NetBSD and from there 
everything works just fine.

> Hey, wait a moment, if you want to switch to NetBSD, why are you trying to
> move stuff from NetBSD's /home to your FreeBSD-disklabel (/home as well, I
> suppose)? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Or am I getting something
> wrong?

It should be the other way around indeed: I want to switch to FreeBSD.

> In case you are really desperate, Linux reads disklabels from both Free-
> and NetBSD just fine; unless you use UFS2 with FreeBSD, that is (if you do,
> prepare for lots of funny read-errors...). It's just a little tricky to
> figure out what device-nodes to use for BSD's partitions, they typically
> show up like logical partitions in extended DOS partitions (/dev/hda5 and
> upwards)

Yes, I use UFS2 indeed, but then I guess it is not recommended to write to 
these partitions using FreeBSD?
Maybe I can format a zip-disk and copy things that way...


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