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On Saturday, 2. August 2003 22:35, Daan Goedkoop wrote:
> Hello,
> On my IDE disk, I have two disk labels, one of FreeBSD and one from NetBSD.
> Now that I want to change to NetBSD, I would like to copy my data from the
> NetBSD /home partition to FreeBSD.
> However, only a device /dev/ad1s3 exists, with which I can only mount the /
> of NetBSD. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Shouldn't the NetBSD-partitions show up like ad1s3a, s3b, ... ? 
Typically, sXa is /, sXb is swap, c and d are reserved, from there on it's up 
to you (e to p can be mounted wherever you want) - e is /usr, typically, but 
not necessarily. I am unsure, however, if corresponding device nodes have to 
exist, and which partition is identified by what letter from FreeBSD. FreeBSD 
ordinarily names the partitions by their order on the disk.
NetBSD also has a - to my taste - excentric behaviour in naming partitions, 
much more untidy than with FreeBSD. NetBSD's / is always /dev/wdXa, no 
matter, at what position NetBSD's disklabel is on the disk (wd0a would be 
ad0s2a on FreeBSD). This shouldn't impact reading NetBSD's partitions from 
FreeBSD, though. 
Are they device nodes for each partition in your disklabel under FreeBSD? 

Hey, wait a moment, if you want to switch to NetBSD, why are you trying to 
move stuff from NetBSD's /home to your FreeBSD-disklabel (/home as well, I 
suppose)? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Or am I getting something 

In case you are really desperate, Linux reads disklabels from both Free- and 
NetBSD just fine; unless you use UFS2 with FreeBSD, that is (if you do, 
prepare for lots of funny read-errors...). It's just a little tricky to 
figure out what device-nodes to use for BSD's partitions, they typically show 
up like logical partitions in extended DOS partitions (/dev/hda5 and upwards)

Hope it helps, 

kind regards,


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