HDDs dividing rules

Petersen petersen at petersen.plus.com
Sat Aug 2 04:26:03 PDT 2003

Behalf Of Peter Rosa said:

> Hi all,
> Everywhere I looked, I found only words as "make your
> own choice of partitioning schema" etc., but I think, there
> must be some rules.

How you define your partitions and what mount flags you use is very much
dependant on what you're using the box for. Only you can make this

> And what if I have an HW RAID controller. Are there some
> difficulties or differences from "normal" dividing ?


> Tell us, please, something like 
> "Divide your HDD as follows:
> 1. create slices for /, /home, /etc ...... It's good because....

Making a slice for /etc is a 'bad' idea. Kernel can't read all the rc
scripts if they're not on root slice - not to mention /etc/fstab (thus
not being able to find any other slices to mount).

> 2. mount / as RO..............

This will do a pretty good job of making it impossible for anyone to
change their pass (as /etc has to be on root slice)

> 3. mount /user as noexec+nosuid..........."
If by this you mean /usr, this will break just about every application
on the system (most binaries that aren't essential to core system live
in /usr/(s)bin (or /usr/local/(s)bin if you install stuff yourself). A
lot of these need to be suid/sgid too.

> I think & hope these rules are well-known, but one must know
> where to look for....

Nope. Every box I setup has different slice schemes - its very dependant
on the usage.

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