ssh/root and remote X sessiosn

Dan Pelleg daniel+bsd at
Fri Aug 1 07:53:11 PDT 2003

stan <stanb at> writes:

> I have my FreebSD machines set up in the current "preferred" (IE default)
> ssh/tty setup which prohibits remote ssh logins. So to get to root I ssh as
> my normal user, and su -. All is well, unless I need to run a client as
> root. Even manually setting the DISPLAY variable does not seem to allow
> this.
> How can I make this work?

You need to get xauth to work. Assuming you're ssh-ing as user USER, this
is an easy to to achieve this. Type this after the "su". For csh or tcsh:

setenv HOME ~USER

For bash it's "export HOME=~USER".


  Dan Pelleg

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