Help PLEASE! on proper kernel config file to use serial ports with puc driver

stan stanb at
Fri Aug 1 07:42:15 PDT 2003

On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 01:37:35AM -0400, J. Seth Henry wrote:
> Stan,
> Could you describe your hardware in a bit more detail. I can't imagine
> why your system would hard lock, unless there is something seriously
> wrong. Also, I'm curious why puc is detecting your card as sio4 and sio5
> (COM5 and COM6 respectively) Most mainboards only have sio0/COM1 and
> sio1/COM2. What is using sio2 and sio3?
> BTW - I would start from a generic kernel configuration if you don't
> remember what you did. Then, make the necessary changes to the copy of
> GENERIC, and go from there. Then, rebuild the kernel - it probably isn't
> necessary, but it will at least return your kernel to something closer
> to the baseline.

The card is a generic PCI card, it's labeled "Mercury" on the box, and has a
Sun chip on it. I see it's detected as a Dolphin card, and I _assume_ that
is correct.

The weirdness with it being COM5 and COM6 had to do with weirdness in my
kernel conf file.

I suspect the problem is that I need to pass certain flags in the kernel
conf, but I don't know which ones.

The good news is, after having spent a couple of days fighting this, and
getting to the point I was locking up the computer with it, it dawned on me
that I had started out there. So I went back and found out that I probably
had the IO address for the on-board CO<1 chip wrong originally. Now it seems
to be working, which will let me deploy the machine!

Thanks for your help on this. I still plan on putting the PCI card in
another machine and trying to get it to work, but that may take a while to
get to.

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