FreeBSD - Customize tty at Installation

Florian Schmidt flo at
Wed Apr 30 14:25:36 PDT 2003

Hi List!
I'm messing with customizing sysinstall these days. I'm stuck with the 
Term-Type of my tty during installation right now.
Well, ich have created a Custom Generic-Kernel with following options:

options         SC_DFLT_FONT
makeoptions     SC_DFLT_FONT=iso15

Now, if I do "make release" from my customized CVS-Repository, it all works 
fine - yet when I try to boot the ISO-Images, sysinstall looks sort of ugly, 
yet I know that changing to "cons25l1" solves the problem.

So, I searched src/ for "ttys", found the following files:

find ./ -name "ttys"

I have replaced every occurance of "cons25" with "cons25l1" and rebuilt my 
release - yet, same problem,
Maybe one of you guys can give me a hint on how to solve my problem...


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