Version of FreeBSD?

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Subject: Version of FreeBSD?

> Hello, I am a windows user, but I'm planning to try a GNU OS, maybe
FreeBSD. My question is about the minimum or recomended requirements for
this OS. I wish to install it in a Pentium 200 MMX, 96 MB RAM and 3.4 GB of
hard disk. ¿What version could I install in that machine, and which may I
install if I want to get a minimal speed?                   Thanks for your

FreeBSD 4.8 would be the version of choice for a new user. It will run fine
on that system, provided you use a Lightweight Window Manager for X, rather
than Gnome or KDE.

Note that FreeBSD is not a GNU OS (In fact there is only one GNU OS, Debian
Hurd. Linux, or GNU/Linux as the FSF Zealots like to call it, is not
entirely GPL either.),  It's a BSD, which happens to use some GPL software.
The only piece of GLP software it depends on is gcc.


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