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>Is the documentation located here still relevant? 

I believe so.

>Does FreeBSD still have limitations when accessing the NTFS filesystem? I want 
>to be able to
>access the data on my WIN2K partition, as well as modify it if need be, from 
>FreeBSD and from

Beware that the Gnu/Linux NTFS has limitations on writing to NTFS

Below is an extract from:

  3.2 Can the Driver write to an NTFS volume, too?

  Not really.

  There are two drivers, currently. The original driver, in 2.4 has some 
  write code in it, but it is extremely dangerous to use it. The 
  possibility of destroying your filesystem is very high.

  The new driver, introduced in 2.5.11, has some write code, but it's 
  very limited. The driver can overwrite existing files, but it cannot 
  change the length, add new or delete existing files.

  Adding write support will take a long time. NTFS is built like a 
  database. Any changes you make, necessitate making changes in many 
  places, for consistancy. Make a mistake and the filesystem will be 
  damaged, make too many mistakes and the filesystem will be destroyed. 

Anthony Naggs

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