wchar support for libtre in 4.8-release?

Dave Clark (Linkport) davec at linkport.com
Tue Apr 29 15:46:59 PDT 2003

I'm having trouble building libtre on 4.8-release box.  Does release 4.8
have Wide Character support?  I see some hints in the 5.0 release notes
that hint that older versions (e.g. 4.x) may not have support, such as
"Various routines in the C library now have support for ``wide''
%uname -s -r -m
FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE i386
%sudo make
===>  libtre-0.3.2 need wchar support.

Is it even possible to build & install the libtre port on 4.8?
-Dave Clark
Archinetix, Inc.

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