Accidentally deleted /usr/lib/

Clark Kent superman at
Tue Apr 29 12:57:26 PDT 2003

Yep, I managed to do it! I'm probably the first person in history to
ever do it, too! Darn it.


	Well, it all started when i couldnt run a certain linux binary under
emulation. I decided to symlink an existing file ( to the
required file ( No luck. Well, seeing how it did not
work, i decided to remove the symbolic link - only to accidentally
remove the original


	Mozilla refuses to run. Abiword refuses to run. Countless other
programs refused to run, as they required this elf lib.

Attempted Fixes:

	Maybe a buildworld would do the trick, I thought; it was also time for
me to update my sources also. => Buildworld fails when it couldn't find
the file.

Short of deinstalling Freebsd, is there anything else i could do to get
that missing file, or at least build it from existing sources? I haven't
done anything else as stupid as this, so my filesystems/crucial files
should be intact.

Any advice welcome :)

ps: this is my first post, so i don't know if it will actually go
through. Hope it does

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