HELP - changed ISP and im blocked out!

Don Buckley don at
Mon Apr 28 10:10:55 PDT 2003

Hey everyone,

Hopefully somebody can help me with this, I changed my ISP, and my IP
address on my freebsd 4.6.2 box changed.

The problem is that everyone else in the world can access it, the box itself
is active (can ftp out of it), the ifconfig shows that the carrier is
present, but my windows computer on the SAME HUB on the desk next to it
cannot connect to it. I am certain that it is not a firewall issue on my
windows computer, having deactivated its firewall briefly to attempt
connecting to no avail.

I am braindead and there is something I am missing here.... any help is
appreciated :)

      Don Buckley
      don at

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