how to find as and ld binaries for freebsd?

Matthew Emmerton matt at
Sun Apr 27 05:44:32 PDT 2003

> hi!
> i search for downloading package that contain
> as and ld and libraries binary distribution
> for free bsd xx....
> in site i search for as and ld but not
> for /bin/as bin/ld , but result is not good again...
> i know that they are in binutils in case of linux
> using, but i can't find binutils exact for i-386....
> find other binutils that is look like  ports?
> can you help me with this problem?
> what package i must download?
> thanks!

/usr/bin/as and /usr/bin/ld are part of the base FreeBSD installation and
not part of a package, per se.

Matt Emmerton

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