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> I have compared it with 'date' on another PC running Debian that one only 
> shows text to do with date i.e months days etc. 

The reason for the difference your seeing is binaries in /bin and
/sbin are statically linked in FreeBSD, while dynamically linked in most
Linux distributions.

> It's just when i posted this on the forum the admin said "I think that you are 
> overanalyzing here... and many people had noticed this and it was due to 
> FreeBSD 5.0 being unsupported by chkrootkit, but if i still thought i was hosed, 
> then i should post to this mailing list. 
> Have i been hosed or am i just overanalyzing? 

Probably the latter.

> I would rather be over cautious that under cautious. 



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