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Fri Apr 25 16:23:55 PDT 2003

Acquire the Boot Floppy Images

The boot disks are available on your installation media in the floppies/
directory, and can also be downloaded from the floppies directory for the
i386 architecture and from this floppies directory for the Alpha

The floppy images have a .flp extension. The floppies/ directory contains
a number of different images, and the ones you will need to use depends on
the version of FreeBSD you are installing, and in some cases, the hardware
you are installing to. In most cases you will just need two files,
   kern.flp and 
Additional device drivers may be necessary for some systems. These drivers are 
provided on the drivers.flp image. Check README.TXT in the same directory 
for the most up to date information about these floppy images.

On Sat, 26 Apr 2003 boban.savic at wrote:

> Hi,
> Sorry, but I must ask you about installing from floppies. When I try to create 
> boot floppy via commando:
> D:\downloads\FreeBSD\bootfiles>fdimage boot.flp a:
> ...I get the answer:
> boot.flp - File is too big
> Boot.flp is 2.88 M  and (according the whitepappers) it should create 2 
> disc...Please help...what shell I do to create 2 bootdiscs ?
> thank you for answering...(if any...:-)...)
> best regards
> Boban
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