Problems setting up dual-boot

Adam blueeskimo at
Fri Apr 25 10:28:12 PDT 2003

I've tried about 18 different ways to get my dual-boot working, but it
just refuses to give me the option to choose between OS's.

Here's my setup:
hd0: Windows 2000
hd2: FreeBSD 5.0

During install, I specified to install the FreeBSD Boot Manager on hd2.
However, the boot manager does not detect the Windows 2000 partition,
and jumps right in to running FreeBSD.

I then tried running /stand/sysinstall to do a post-install fdisk to add
the boot manager to hd0. The idea here was to boot to hd0, select Win2k,
or load up the boot manager on hd2 and proceed. However, this setup just
jumps right into Win2k without any options.

I've been all over and, but I'm afraid that I'm just about out of ideas. The terminology is a bit foreign to me, so following the instructions is a bit difficult.

Someone suggested modifying the Windows boot.ini file to do it, but I'm
not really sure how to do that either.

I'm almost to the point of just reinstalling from scratch to get this
working. However, before I do that, I'd like to see if someone can offer
some advice. I'm lost at the moment, so any extra info would surely be

Adam <blueeskimo at>
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