cant write in msdos /win98 partition

Shantanu Mahajan shantanoo+fbsd at
Fri Apr 25 05:20:04 PDT 2003

+++ Marlon Corleone [freebsd] [24-04-03 03:22 -0700]:
| fstab file:
| /dev/ad0s1              /win98          msdos   rw    
|          0       0
| i tried remounting: mount -o rw -t msdos /dev/ad0s1
| /win98
| but when i try to write to /win98 partition, says: the
| file could not be saved. Please check if you have
| write permission.
| though i set rw in my fstab options, still wont work.
| any ideas? thanks
	are you trying this with root account?


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