problems with UDMA modes

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Thu Apr 24 23:24:03 PDT 2003

* Alexander Stepanenko (alexander.stepanenko at wrote:
==> Hi. I have VIA kt400 chipset (IDE controller VIA 8235, supports up to
==> UDMA133) and Seagate HDD (ATA-100). I'm use 80-pin cable. My BIOS configured
==> properly.
==> But my FreeBSD 5.0 set UDMA33 mode. I tried to use atacontrol, but only
==> UDMA33 mode can be set. Who can help me?

I don't know about 5.0.  When I've had this problem in the past,
it was because I had a non-ATA-100 device as a slave on that 


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