Simon Barner barner at
Thu Apr 24 03:56:17 PDT 2003

> Can I CVSup my system from the 4.8R ISO, and just grab the packages that
> need to be updated in the ports ?
> I have a machine that lives in the sticks, and has a 38K modem link, so
> doing a CVSup via that is a pain, but I do have the ISO's.

As the other posting suggested, you can install the source tree and the
ports collection from your CD set (if FreeBSD is already installed, you
can do that either by re-running sysinstall or by mounting the cdrom,
locating the appropriate package (src-something.tgz and
ports-something.tgz) and installing them with "pkg_add -v".

Keeping your src and ports tree in sync should not be a problem with
your modem link. I used to do that with a 56K modem: Upgrading the
source tree for example to about 30 min (from one release to another).

Downloading the source tar balls for the ports collection might be a
pain on the other side, but you can always go to the directory of the
desired ports and type:

make fetch-recursive-list > /tmp/

When you execute that script on a machine with a fast internet
connection, it will download all the needed files. All you have to do
then is to copy them into /usr/ports/distfiles on the other machine.

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