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Thu Apr 24 00:18:14 PDT 2003


> Can I CVSup my system from the 4.8R ISO, and just grab the packages that
> need to be updated in the ports ?
> I have a machine that lives in the sticks, and has a 38K modem link, so
> doing a CVSup via that is a pain, but I do have the ISO's.

If you have the CD, you could just install the sources from that. 

Insert the CD, run /stand/sysinstall, go to Configure, Options, 
set the installation media to CD, then go to Distributions and
choose the 'src' distribution.

Having done that you can use the 'make world' procedure to build
the new system from sources.

Note: I haven't done it this way myself but I don't see why it wouldn't

> Also when we do a CVSup where are the files that are downloaded stored, as I
> may be able to do a local machine from the backup I have ? 

That is controlled by the 'prefix' parameter in the supfile.
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