disk hard error - help!

Paul English penglish at hydro.washington.edu
Wed Apr 23 21:00:11 PDT 2003

So I have a disk that appears to have gone sound. It started reporting
hard errors, and when I rebooted it could no longer locate the kernel (it
did start up the bootloader). Now I've tried to get it to work on the same
system as well as on a different one with no luck.

The error I get is:

mount /dev/ad1s1e /mnt
mount: /dev/ad1s1e: Input/output error
ad1s1e: hard error reading fsbn 1024095 of 16-31 (ad1s1 bn 1024095; cn 63
tn 190 sn 30) status=59 error=40

The same goes for all the other partitions (although the fsbn is

Is there any way to force it to mount anyway and pick through the

Does anyone know of any good data recovery services that deal with FreeBSD?
(or does anyone that does UFS work)

Unfortunately this coincided with my discovery that my backup system was
not doing its job. Stupid Networker.


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