Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Apr 23 11:10:49 PDT 2003

"Gordon Freeman" <greetz at> writes:

>  1. When I set up the FreeBSD, I've already like it (Daemon is faster, security, everithind is ander my control, etc.), but I have to reboot to WinXP, because only there my SoundBlaster 128 can work. I've read many manuals about unix&FreeBSD based systems, but there are not much information tokill this problem.

There's a whole section on it in the FreeBSD Handbook.

>  2. Also I can't find a real photoshop for BSD. I've tride gimp, but it doesn't work! Web editors I can't find also.

"it doesn't work" isn't much of a description of what's wrong.  Gimp
works fine for me.  Install it through the ports system, if you didn't
try that the first time.

For web editors, I just use either emacs (or, occasionally, mozilla),
but a quick search of the ports turned up things called "august" and
"bluefish" that are in both the "www" and "editors" categories, so
they're probably a reasonable place to start looking.

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