Why is FreeBSD so SLOW?

Lucas Holt luke at foolishgames.com
Wed Apr 23 05:05:00 PDT 2003

I think the fundamental difference is that Linux was designed to be a 
desktop operating system and FreeBSD is more of an all purpose 
operating system.  In my opinion, any UNIX operating system is more 
reliable that a Windows or Linux counterpart.

If  you want a UNIX operating system with a fast, good gui.. try Mac OS 
X.  Its still a BSD and you can use many commercial applications.  In 
fact, supposedly apple uses FreeBSD code in their OS.

As for your immediate speed problems, I would follow the advice already 
given for optimization.  Also rebuild your kernel without all the stuff 
you don't need.  That was the single, best improvement I ever did.  I 
cut the size of the kernel in half on my FreeBSD server and my 
workstation install was almost as good.

One last piece of advice, don't try to use KDE or Gnome if you are 
looking for speed.  KDE is extremely slow.  They have the silly idea to 
use a class to define NULL in their code.  What a performance hit.  
Apple submitted several changes like this to the web browser project at 
KDE.  (apple uses the KDE browser code for their safari browser)

> Well, everything under X is much slower under FreeBSD than under Linux 
> or
> Windows (any flavor)... at least, this is my experience.
> I think (please feel free to basically, for today jobs (workstation, 
> small
> workgroup servers...) Linux is faster, but in high load server tasks ,
> FreeBSD is the fastest OS I've ever seen (OK, I haven't seen a lot, but
> still).
> Nevertheless, I use FreeBSD on my workstation.
> Best regards.
> Antoine
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Lucas Holt
Luke at FoolishGames.com

"The next generation of interesting software will be made on a 
Macintosh, not an IBM PC."

-- Bill Gates (unconfirmed quote) 

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