Why is FreeBSD so SLOW?

Stijn Hoop stijn at win.tue.nl
Wed Apr 23 04:34:29 PDT 2003


On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 01:04:08PM +0200, Jalle wrote:
> Now, everyone says that FreeBSD is supposed to be so fast and reliable. 
> Reliable, I fully agree! But fast? No, it's actually much slower on my 
> machine than any Windows distro ever was! Sure, only running in text mode 
> is fast as hell, but no good for everyday use. I've tried several WMs and 
> Desktop Suites, like Enlightenment (e16 and e17), Blackbox, Gnome2, KDE3 
> etc. They're great n' all, but as soon as I switch to graphical UI 
> everything slows down to a snail's pace! Even a simple terminal is slow.

Define 'slow'. I know this isn't easy, but it may simply be a case
of expecting too much. On the other hand:

> I've played around with Linux a couple of times, and with several flavors 
> (Mandrake, Debian, RedHat, Gentoo), and they where all MUCH faster using a 
> graphical interface than FreeBSD!

So you can see a difference? Can you specify what exactly is faster? Is
this measurable (for example with time(1) or other calculations)?

> I have a Pentium III 450 MHz with 320 MB RAM, a SoundBlaster AWE 64 Gold 
> and a Matrox G400 MAX video card. I know, this is not top-of-the-line 
> hardware, but that doesn't mean that it should run three or four (or more) 
> times faster under Linux, right?

No, it shouldn't. FWIW I have nearly the same setup at home (except for a G450
and a crappier soundcard) but I'm pretty happy considering how old the
hardware is (3 years or so).

> So, to the point! I like FreeBSD (I prefer using FBSD before Windows or 
> Linux), and I would like to keep using it. But if I can't watch a movie or 
> use a decent file manager I will have to switch to Linux. Oh yeah, BTW, is 
> there really NO WAY of getting simultaneous sounds in FreeBSD?!? I think 
> that's kinda crappy. I mean MS did it, why can't we?

Some programs can play sounds at the same time, most of the time they use a
special mixer daemon for that purpose, like esound. However the application
must have support for that.

Anyway, I can play movies just fine, I can listen to mp3's while rebuilding my
FreeBSD world or ports, about the only thing that is a bit 'slow' in my eyes
is the startup time of my browser (phoenix) but that's to be expected on a

> Finally the QUESTION: Why is my FreeBSD box so slow? I figure, if FreeBSD 
> in general was so slow, then noone would really use it. Are there any 
> "standard tricks" in the book that speeds up a slow X server or WM, or just 
> FreeBSD in general?

It's not very easy to give advice without knowing more about your FreeBSD
installation and your hardware.

- what FreeBSD version do you have installed?
- wat are the contents of /var/run/dmesg.boot?
- are there any log messages on the console?
- as for the movie playing, what is the output of 'xdpyinfo | grep -i xvideo'?

There are also a few general tips that will enable speedups:

- make sure your kernel only has the 'cpu I686_CPU' option and not
  the 'cpu I386_CPU' or lower options. This will make it use
  instructions that are only available on higher processors, but those
  are definitely faster.
- build and install your own world with CPUTYPE=p3 in /etc/make.conf
  But be prepared to reinstall without using CPUTYPE if your system
  behaves strangely after this -- it is 'unsupported' to do this
  (although I'm running such a world for a pretty long time now).
- similarly, recompile your installed ports with this setting -- it
  will make a difference.

Those are just some of the general pointers, but you do need to be
a bit more specific.



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