Samba print prob

William Palfreman william at
Tue Apr 22 14:00:16 PDT 2003

My samba server's printer has become invisible to w2k clients. I haven't
changed smb.conf, and samba fileshares still work.  Lpd printing is fine

Apr 22 21:34:35 ledger smbd[347]: [2003/04/22 21:34:35, 0]
Apr 22 21:34:35 ledger smbd[347]:   Unable to connect to CUPS server
localhost - Connection refused
Apr 22 21:34:35 ledger smbd[347]: [2003/04/22 21:34:35, 0]
Apr 22 21:34:35 ledger smbd[347]:   ajs ( couldn't find
service ::{2227a280-3aea-1069-a2de-08002b30309d}

The DNS domain of some of the clients has changed, and the server now
has an IPv6 address as well as an IPv4.

I'm sure I didn't use cups before, and if I run cupsd now printers are
still invisible, but I don't get a connection refused message in the
log.  The "couldn't find service" message stays, though.

Any ideas?  I was using 4.8-R, I'm now using 4.8-STABLE as of today -
the problem remains.  I'm using samba-2.2.8a from the ports, and I
was printing with it fine until a few days ago.


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