installation of bin files

brad beday bbeday at
Tue Apr 22 13:51:37 PDT 2003

  I'm writting this because i don't have easy internet
access so i can't easily get an iso image and start a
fresh install.  I am installing a minimal 4.8
distrobution, just the bin and man file sets on a dos
partition.  When i start the actuall installation in
the setup program, it stops with the messages 

  "using existing root partition - assumed you have   
  appropriate device entries in /dev" 
  "error mounting /dev/ad0s1 on /dist - no such file  

  or directory" 

I started an installation a few days ago, but stopped
it before i commited the installation.  I tried to
complete the install a while latter without success. 
I've checked the file system on the harddrive and the
mount point /dist is there, however, the /dev
directory contains no entry for ad0s1.  Instead it has

ad0s1a to ... ad0s1h  
ad0s2a, ad0s2b, ad0s2e

I should explain that i've created a dos partition
labelled ad0s1 with fdisk  in the setup, refere to the
bottom of this message.  So, like in linuxnese, i
thought i could refere to the entire partition with
ad0s1 but with no ad0s1 entry in dev, i guess i can't.
 Is this why i get the "no such file" error message in
my installation?  If so, what do i do to get the
system to use the right /dev entry?  I can't seem to
change it in setup, is there a way and which entry do
i use?  Do i have to manually make a dev entry with
some external program?   
  I've checked my dos partition and it has the bin
file set on it.


below is a set of values for my setup screens

  offset     PType    Desc Subtype
    0          6     unused   0
    62         2       fat    6
  204848       3      freebsd 165   CA

Drive geometry is
    1018/14/62  just like hard disk

Freebsd Boot Mngr installed
Disk Label 
ad0s1          /dos         99M   dos
ad0s2a         /            30M   ufs  N
ad0s2b         swap         20M   
ad0s2e         /usr         281M  ufs+S N


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