Accurate time without a network connection?

Mxsmanic mxsmanic at
Tue Apr 22 12:57:32 PDT 2003

> I know there are, but at the moment I'm not
> finding any. The original was "World's Most
> Accurate Clock" by Heathkit, $400, but long out of
> business.


A fairly complete list of manufacturers of time receivers, both
GPS-controlled and radio-controlled, for the U.S. only.

Beware:  Even the cheapest devices of this kind seem to cost several hundred
dollars.  A tiny serial-port radio-controlled clock from Meinberg costs
€573, which is about ten times more than it is actually worth.  That amount
of money could pay for several years of Internet access, so unless you
absolutely cannot connect to the Net, finding a way to synchronize to
servers on the Net would be way cheaper.

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