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Mon Apr 21 15:46:22 PDT 2003

On Mon, Apr 21, 2003 at 03:36:08PM +0000 or thereabouts, Ricardo Javier Aranibar Le?n seemed to write:
>    Hi List,
>    I'm new with this O.S.
>    I have a problem, I recently download FreeBSD releases 5.0 I can
>    installed without problem but I need packages or ports for another
>    aplications for example apache, postgres, php etc.
>    I like to know which is better packages or ports.
>    I like donwload "all" and How i can installed this (packages or ports)
>    in my box?
>    and Where I can download the current versions for this (packages or
>    ports) ?

It Depends(tm).

Packages are pre-built binaries. Just download and install. Simple.
See `man pkg_add' for more info.

However, I like ports more. The control files live in /usr/ports, but
the programs themselves don't live there. They're downloaded when you
compile the port. BTW, ports take longer because they're built from
source code, but then they'll also be `personalized' for your machine.
Ports are divided into categories (www, irc, mail, editors, shells, etc.)
To get a list of categories:
$ ls -d /usr/ports/[a-z]*
To look in a category:
$ cd /usr/ports/CATEGORY
$ ls
Find a port you like, then `cd /usr/ports/CATEGORY/PORT'
and, as root:
# make install

It is pretty impractical to try to download all the ports -- some are
pretty obscure. It'll download the ones you choose to install

Hope this helps,
-- Josh

>    Regards Ricardo.
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