how can I burn ISO images in FreeBSD 4.8, cd-write port broken?

derik DeVecchio positron at
Sun Apr 20 21:36:23 PDT 2003

I am sort of a newbie with FreeBSD and I know it must be POSSIBLE to
burn CD's in FreeBSD (otherwise why have ports for all that CD
software).  For the record I would prefer to use a GUI in gnome but am
PERFECTLY willing to use a console app if that is all FreeBSD has to
offers me or if that kind of application is better for this kind of
task.  I have examined a number of applications but none of them seem to
work for one reason or another.  

CDBakeOven only seems to work with KDE (not installed on my system)
Xcdroast says it only works with SCSI (my drive is IDE)
TCDR requires a bunch of stuff I have never even heard of (dailog????)
      I am sure that at least ONE of those things won't work on
      FreeBSD with out some tweaking.
CD-Write seems to be the only remaining choice for me.  But the FreeBSD
      port of cd-write doesn't work on my system.

Before people ask, let me explain that last one a bit.
     When CD-Write loads for the first time it asks for the location of
mkisofs.  I kindly point it to the place where the FreeBSD port put it,
namely /usr/local/bin/mkisofs.  
     There is no manual page or help files for CD-WRite so from here on
out it is strictly guesswork.   I am _guessing_ that after you point out
mkisofs, you could go straight to the "Master CD" "track at once" or
"Disk at once" options.  But if you do, you get a dialog box that has
only one active button: Cancel.  There is a directory tree you can play
with; but I can only look at the files and I can NOT select them or
anything.  There is a check box called "dummy write" but checking it
doesn't change the behavior of anything else.   Going back to the main
menu, you have two more choice (besides quit).  The first is "copy CD".
This dialog has the same problem as the aforementioned one, but now the
only working buttons are "browse" (which lets you pick a directory) and
"Dismiss" which takes you back to the main menu.
   I am fairly confident that it is not my CD-ROM drive.  I can mount my
CD-ROM with mount_cd9660, and I can read files with it within FreeBSD.
When this system had Mandrake Linux 9.1, I could use eeroast (a Mandrake
utility I think) and burn ISO's that I later used successfully

So what do you FreeBSD people out there use to burn your CD's!?  What
program will allow me to burn a CD from an ISO image?  Or perhaps just
burn some files out of a directory?  At this point, I can't do either
with FreeBSD.

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