gethostbyaddr(IPv6:::1) failed

Dick Hoogendijk dick at
Sat Apr 19 08:35:55 PDT 2003

I installed logcheck from ports. Quit good a program. However, I get a
lot of messages (email) from sendmail, stating:
## gethostbyaddr(IPv6:::1) failed: 1
## gethostbyaddr( failed: 1

Q: waht can I do about these warnings?
My (local) IPv4 is
My kernel supports IPv6
What's my IPv6 address? where do I put it? Or do I remove the IPv6
support from my kernel and make a new one? Where does sendmail takes its
lookup of my v6 ip from? Can't find it in any .cf file.

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++ Running FreeBSD 4.8 ++ Debian GNU/Linux (Woody)

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