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Bill Moran wmoran at
Fri Apr 18 08:44:45 PDT 2003

mahmoud hamdy wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> Sorry i miss typied
> but even so what is the possibility to become an
> office for Freebsd in  Egypt

There are many things you need to understand:

First off ... I am not a laywer:  if you want real legal advice, contact
a lawyer.  The following are my non-professional opinions/experience.

FreeBSD is volunteer developed.  Whether or not you become an "office"
depends on what you mean by that.

If you wish to distribute and/or support FreeBSD in your area, there are
no requirements (that I'm aware of) for doing so.  Just start doing so.
If you wish to become an "official" mirror site for the FreeBSD software,
you'll need to contact hostmaster at and coordinate with him.
There's nothing preventing you from becomming an an unoffical mirror in
the meantime.  If you set yourself up supporting FreeBSD and/or mirroring
the FreeBSD web site, you can get listed by contacting webmaster at
If you want to resell FreeBSD CDs, you can either purchase them from a
distributer, or download the images and burn your own CDs.  The bottom of
this page lists "official" distributor that you can purchase CDs from:
And this page lists sites where you can download CD images from:

If you end up with a successful business doing this, you'll be thought of
much better in the FreeBSD community by donating some of your success back
to the FreeBSD project via the FreeBSD Foundation (

Starting a business based on FreeBSD is encouraged and is the way that
FreeBSD exists.  Since FreeBSD is non-profit, volunteer based, most of the
money available to the project comes from people who are able to make a
living using FreeBSD and donate something back to the project (whether it
be developing software or donating money)

questions at is a mailing list.  When you send an email to this
list is it received by thousands of subscribers who are interested in FreeBSD.
There are other mailing lists, some more specific.  See the mailin list
section of the web site for more information:

Since it appears that English is not your primary language, you may find a
translation that is easier for you to read.  Try here:
Hopefully, information has been translated to your native language.

Once you have a better idea of what you're trying to do, don't hesitate to
email this list again with more specific questions.  (or email a list that
is for a language that you are more comfortable with, it it exists)

Good luck!

> --- Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:
>>mahmoud hamdy wrote:
>>>Dear Sir,
>>>I wander about the possibility to be a certified
>>>office ( tanning, selling and support ) for
>>>Linux in Egypt
>>I don't understand what you're asking.
>>Do you realize that Linux and FreeBSD are not the
>>same thing?
>>I think you need to understand what you want a
>>little better.
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