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Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Fri Apr 18 05:51:31 PDT 2003

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Mohsin Sabir. wrote:
> I am a Microsoft Product Administrator and been engaged with Microsoft
 > Products from the last 7 years.  Now, I have opted that I should add
 > something more to my expertise and thought about *nix but have hard time
 > to pick which Unix, as there are quite a bit of flavors available out
 > there.
> I read about you, saw the sites hosted by you.  I want to try BSD Unix
 > and please advise me which version is the latest and greatest from where
 > I can start.

If you're brand new, I suggest purchasing one of the CDs or DVDs.  It's
much easier/faster to experiment with installs and configs when you have
a CD/DVD right there.
You can order online at FreeBSDMall.com ... As was suggested elsewhere,
get 4.8 - the 5.0 release is still under development and will be difficult
to learn from as things are still changing.  I also _highly_ recommend
getting the book _The_Complete_FreeBSD_ by Greg Lehey.  It's a fantastic
book for new users.
You can also download an image and burn your own install CD, which is
nice if you have a very fast Internet connection or a lot of patience:
And the FreeBSD Handbook is available in print or online (just click on
the "handbook" link on the FreeBSD home page)

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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