maintainer of the /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/LINT file??

Erik Ranà erikrana at
Thu Apr 17 23:07:01 PDT 2003

Im not shure who maintains the LINT file that resides in
Or should i do a cvs commit by my self?
Im not so familiar with cvs..So anyone that can tip me how to do it 
please do if iam supposed to do it?

Anyway in the LINT file there are some text about the vr(4) driver.
> # The `vr' device provides support for various fast ethernet adapters
> # based on the VIA Technologies VT3043 `Rhine I' and VT86C100A `Rhine II'
> # chips, including the D-Link DFE530TX (see 'rl' for DFE530TX+), the Hawking 
> # Technologies PN102TX, and the AOpen/Acer ALN-320.

I think this text should reflect that it also supports the 
VT86C105/VT86C105M ``Rhine III'' since it does that and it also says so 
in the hardware notes on the website.

I got rather confused when i first read the hardware notes and saw that 
it is supported and then when i was reading through the LINT found that 
it was not mentioned. But i could verify by reading in the if_vr.c file 
that the support was not missed ;)

/Erik Ranà
"The one with the most one's and zero's when he dies wins" =)

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