All PCMCIA devices fail upon insertion

Scott Simmons ssimmons at
Thu Apr 17 14:44:43 PDT 2003

All pcmcia cards inserted into the laptop display on 5.0-RELEASE #0
pccard0: Card has not functions!
cbb0: PC Card card activation failed.

The laptop is a IBM Thinkpad 600x and I am using the SMC 2632W.  I have also tried 3Com adpaters also.  I verified that both are supported via the web.  From what I can tell it appears that the pccard services are not loading even though they appear to in the messages file.

It appears that both cbb0 and cbb1 load as they are recognized as TI1450 PCI-CardBus Bridge as well as both slots pccard0 and pccard1.  

Please let me know the correct list to send these type of questions to also.


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