Promise RAID card?

Karl Pielorz kpielorz at
Thu Apr 17 09:12:43 PDT 2003

--On 17 April 2003 11:53 -0400 Chris McGee <chris at> wrote:

> Has anyone successfully used the Promise SX6000 card with FreeBSD 4.7?  If
> so, what kind of configuration are you using?

Hmmm... A -hardware question :)

I have one in an AMD Athlon 1Ghz system, with a bunch of 80Gb IDE's hanging 
off it w/128Mb of RAM - using RAID5... It uses the pst driver.

Generally seems OK, though theres a couple of us with them that get pst: 
timeout messages every now and again mostly when under heavy I/O load [and 
the whole machine hangs until the request is retried].

I'm just moving the machine with the card to 4.8-S but it doesn't look like 
anything's been committed to the driver that would fix it...

Other than the random pauses under load, I've not had any problems with it. 
The other person with the timeouts reported getting panics as well - but 
that could be because he had root/swap on it - whereas I just have it as a 
RAID5 '/usr2' volume.

If you do a search of the archives you'll probably find the thread(s) 
covering it.


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