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In <200304161742.h3GHgKZT002583 at>, Michael Rasile <keeper at> typed:
> Greetings!
> Thanks to all who responded with suggestions as to how to install a
> bootloader. Well, nothing is working. I have WinXP on my first hard
> drive. I have installed FreeBSD 4.7 on the second hard drive. It's
> installed,but the part of the install that should install the
> bootmanager needs to be rewritten, IMHO. Sorry to say this, but Linux
> does the bootloader much better. I find the instructions very
> confusing. I really want to give Free BSD a chance, but if I can't
> get it to load with the boot loader, then it doesn't matter. So, is
> there any way I can install a bootloader on the WinXP drive without
> reinstalling FreeBSD. Does no good to reinstall because it's always
> the same problem. I've checked the docs, the mailing lists, but with
> no specific answer. Somebody needs to clarify the boot loader install
> for people like me. :-)

Unless you've got something specific to suggest, there's not much
chance of any change happening. "I couldn't figure out what to do"
doesn't really provide much in the way of guidance for changing
it. Quoting the sentences that didn't make sense not only provides
that guidance, but gives us to explain them to you, which is a good
start on new wording that can be PRed.

FWIW, the entire installer is being rewritten from the ground up. See
<URL: > for details.

> Thanks for anything, except "get it right, stupid." :-)))))

If you can boot to FreeBSD at all, you can use boot0cfg to install the
FreeBSD boot loader that gives you choices. Read the man page for
boot0cfg for exact details of usage, but something like "boot0cfg -B
/dev/ad0" should do the trick.

You might try that from the rescue CDROM if you can't boot the second

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