Michael Rasile keeper at
Wed Apr 16 10:42:28 PDT 2003

Thanks to all who responded with suggestions as to how to install a 
bootloader. Well, nothing is working. I have WinXP on my first hard 
drive. I have installed FreeBSD 4.7 on the second hard drive. It's 
installed,but the part of the install that should install the 
bootmanager needs to be rewritten, IMHO. Sorry to say this, but Linux 
does the bootloader much better. I find the instructions very 
confusing. I really want to give Free BSD a chance, but if I can't 
get it to load with the boot loader, then it doesn't matter. So, is 
there any way I can install a bootloader on the WinXP drive without 
reinstalling FreeBSD. Does no good to reinstall because it's always 
the same problem. I've checked the docs, the mailing lists, but with 
no specific answer. Somebody needs to clarify the boot loader install 
for people like me. :-)
Thanks for anything, except "get it right, stupid." :-)))))

keeper at

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