Fetching sources for ports

Jalle defacto at home.se
Wed Apr 16 08:12:37 PDT 2003

Warning: Newbie Question Coming Up! :o)

Hi, I'm wondering if there's any way to fetch the sources (tarballs, gzips, 
bzips etc) for a port, including it's dependencies, without installing the 
whole thing right away?
I could, of course, check http://www.freebsd.org/ports and see what the 
requirements are, download these, see what the requirements for the 
requirements are, download there, see what the... (you get it right?) But 
for a rather large port (like KDE, which I happened to have in mind) this 
would take ages!
So, is there any way to use the fetch command (or any other command for 
that matter) to download all the stuff before starting the actual build?

Any suggestions appreciated, I'm getting tired of Gnome2. I tried e17 and 
it's reeaally sexy looking, but it's not really cut for everyday use... 
yet! =o)



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