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Timothy R. Simmons tsimmons77 at
Wed Apr 16 01:29:55 PDT 2003

You have my agreement on all three points.

On Wednesday 16 April 2003 03:17 am, Joel Rees wrote:
> > Okay, I'm sorry, I promised myself I wouldn't do this.
> Breaking a promise to yourself is a good way to weaken your moral
> foundations.
> > But after thumbing
> > through 165 e-mails this morning, most from this discussion group, I got
> > a little tired of reading these. So, I figured I'd just throw in my two
> > cents. I'm pagan. I'm proud to be pagan. I'm ordained non-denom pagan. On
> > behalf of all the heathens out there using FBSD, I'd like to say... we
> > like the daemon. Not because of any ocultist reitualistic 'I wanna go
> > sacrifice a goat' BS, but because for once, a major contribution to the
> > computing world is using something from our history correctly. Daemons
> > were around long before Christianity.
> Many Christians would disagree with that.
> > They weren't bad then, they aren't bad now. Just my two cents.
> No argument with that. Wouldn't really want a "demon" (in the sense of
> "evil spirit") in my computer, but "daemons" are no problem.
> Shoot, MSWindows has daemons, too. Microsoft just calls them something
> else.

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