Michael Rasile keeper at
Tue Apr 15 19:07:01 PDT 2003

As a long time linux user thought I'd give FreeBSD a try. Well, 
having trouble with the bootloader. I've reinstalled so many times, 
you'd think I could figure it out. I seem to get confused in the part 
of the CD install that has to do with the bootloader. I use a dual 
boot and I have FreeBSD on my second drive. I have, I think, a good 
install except I can't access it. Is there any way to get FreeBSD to 
load without reinstalling. In my humble opinion, the portion of the 
install that deals with the boot manager is very confusing. Any help 
or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I would really like to 
see what FreeBSD is all about.


keeper at

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