TV output options ?

Toerless Eckert eckert at
Mon Apr 14 09:18:27 PDT 2003

> Any nvidia running freebsd nvidia driver should work just fine. I 
> haven't tried on mine yet, but nvidia's faq page claims it works:-) Here 
> is a link to unofficial nvidia tvout info:
> It's for X running on Linux but the config is the same. I've got the 
> twinview to two crt screens running, and it's awesome.

Ok, great, i'll take a look into it. I have a few related questions:

a) Any recommendations for an nvidia card with a high quality analog
   signal (eg: good external RAMDAC) ? I've my system connected through
   long VGA cables to a KVM, and thats the real litmus test for video
   signal quality - as: my one pc with an intel815 on-board VGA extremely
   sucks on it (shadows) even though you wouldn't see a problem with a
   short VGA cable, and the Matrox G450 i have is still extremely sharp
   with no shadows. (Likewise the video signal from my old died creator on
   ultra1 was much better than the quite fuzzy video signal from the el-cheapo
   ultra5 onboard vga).

b) Under windows the Matrox has this nice DVD mode, by which the second 
   (video) display will show in fullscreen the full resolution of a window
   from the first display, even if this window is only in smaller resolution
   there (eg: i think the drivers write the full resolution video signal
   into the second display and then hardware is used to have an arbitrarily
   sized representation of this in a window on the first display).
   That's about the functionality i'm after, but i could not figured out
   wether this would be supported at all by the Xwindows infrastructure and/or
   applications like mplayer.

   I could live without the video preview window on the first display, but
   it's important to have a video signal on the second display but still a
   higher resolution (full desktop, eg: 1280x1024) on the first one.
   Is this possible ?


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